Way Out West Members

The band of Way Out West is a UK progressive trance, house and a group of progressive breaks from Bristol, England. It consists of producers at the same time DJs Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff. The band was famous in the 90s with songs that hit the chart and released a number of albums. The Way Out West members have their share of beginnings too, this article gives an information about them.

Way Out West Members

Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff is one of the two members of this band, actually he is already a seasoned veteran who possesses an impressive career for almost eleven years. Also, Jody has been successful in the commercial industry and acclaimed as a remixer, producer and DJ. Towards the end of the 80s, two legendary Bristol in the name of Mighty and Smith opened their studio to two promising very young kids whom carried a name Tru Funk Pose, the group was composed of Jody Wisternoff and his brother Sam. The talents of these two pre-pubescent hip hoppers were only self-taught and even at their very young age, they were able to produce a handful of hefty tracks that utilized one of the first drum machines that are computer based and ran on ZX Spectrum. It is a classic computer that the keys are made of rubber, this can be best remembered for various games like Attic Attack and Jet Set Willie. The older member of Tru Funk Pose, Jody Wisternoff who is not yet a teenager learned to copy the DJs of that time who were under the genre of hip hop while they were still developing and mastering the art.

Way Out West Members

Nicholas John Warren

Nicholas John Warren is a producer and a DJ from Oxfordshire, he started as a gamekeeper before pursuing a career as a DJ. He is a much loved progressive and trance DJ who started his career path in playing hip hop, dub, acid house and different styles in the UK during the early years of the 90s. He got his first break when he became a DJ at Vision located in Bristol, he met various people and gained friends like Daddy G. His friendship with Daddy G led him to become the Massive Attack’s tour DJ in the first major USA tour. Aside from this, he worked in the record shop of Bristol Sidetracks. Also, Nicholas John Warren was extremely popular at a nightclub Cream which is based in Liverpool during the middle of the 1990s and became the other production team of Way Out West. This band gained massive club hits such as The Gift and Ajare

Way Out West Gigs

Truly, music is so amazing where diversified characters and people are playing together and creating a great sound. As the saying goes by, “Music is the language of the soul,” and this is absolutely true. Every person, whatever culture, influences and language he has, music is part of him. That’s why wherever you may go, you can adapt every music being displayed and played in different places because music creates no barrier and language.

Way Out West Gigs

Every one of us has its own favorite band or artist that we love most. It may be a local or international artist, we enjoy listening their music. We sometimes watch them performing live. Whatever genres of music you love to listen, it doesn’t matter as long as it gives you the feeling of satisfaction and relaxes your mind and soul when listening to it.

One of the promising groups is the Way Out West band, where they are composed of different personalities and culture and they become one unit. Music creates no barriers whether your black or white or whatever color and nationality you may be and this only proves that people can be altogether through music.

The Way Out West band is based on Australia and its members include Peter Knight, electric trumpeter and composer; Vietnamese Dung Nguyen, virtuoso of using modified electric guitar; west African percussion player, Ray Pereira; Paul Williamson, an explosive saxophonist; acoustic bassist Howard Cairns and Rajiv Jayaweera, a young firebrand drummer. The collaboration of different individual makes their music unique.

The band won the 2009 Bell ‘Jazz Ensemble of the Year’ Award and had been playing around the globe and appeared at major festivals and venue in the past 18 months. The places and venues they had played includes Toronto Harbourfront Centre, Montreal Jazz Festival, Takatsuki Jazz Festival in Japan, Veneto

Way Out West Gigs

Jazz Festival in Italy, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Darwin Festival, Brisbane Festival and EBS Space in Seoul.

The group usually performs jazz but with the taste of different cultures like Vietnamese and African. The effect of having diversified individual in a group creates unique melody and sound.

The Latest News About Way Out West Band

The band has many new things in stored for their fans all over the world, the latest news about them are as follows:

The Latest News About Way Out West Band
  • Recently, they have come up with selected T-shirts which is sold together with their package of We Love Machine Remixes, these shirts are available starting May 3. Also, the fans can choose and vote for their favorite designs on the band’s Facebook page and they will manufacture the shirt that got the most number of likes. In case the fans have no Facebook account, they can visit the band’s website and comment so that their votes can be included.
  • For those who are waiting for their Remixes album, you can purchase it through the website shop. They have added new packages that include an mp3 download of the live show they had in Sydney during the Future Music Festival and T-shirt. Also, the Remixes album features all-time favorites such as Ajare, Mindcircus and of course, The Gift and additional songs from the We Love Machine. This album has great mixes by top producers such as Seb Dhajje, Eelke Klejin, Scuba and Guy J.
  • The duo of Jody and Nick has created their top ten tracks and the fans can listen to and buy them at the Beatport.
  • The fans can now get the band’s Remixes Album through Beatport, it is available starting May 2. Also, if you put your email ad on their website, you can get the beautiful remix of Scuba, the One Bright Night absolutely for free.
  • The remixes of the We Love Machine are available since April 19 on Beatport as well as other digital stores and their website. The band loves the versions that some top producers have created. You can comment what you think of the remixes album too.
  • Their hit song, The Gift had some new remixes and it reached number one in the Buzz Chart of DMC.
The Latest News About Way Out West Band

These are some of the latest news about the Way Out West band.

Overview of Way Out West Jazz Band

Music comes in different forms and genres. One may love rock, blues, ballad, pop, contemporary, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, classical, etc. It is believed and observed that music makes the world go round and without it, life is boring and silence.

Overview of Way Out West Jazz Band

There are many great artist and music that you can listen to and are available in the market today. But of if you love the kind of music that is called jazz music, the Way Out Jazz band is not to be miss. The group is formed in 2001 at Melbourne, Australia and they are noted for their different and unusual instrumentation which include some Vietnamese string instrument and West African drumming for the group is composed of cross-cultural individuals and appeared at major jazz festivals around the globe.

The group is led by Peter Knight, trumpet and laptop; Satsuki Odamura, koto virtuoso; Lucas Michialidis, guitar; Paul Williamson, saxophones; Howard Cairns, bass, button accordion; Rajiv Jayaweera, drums and Ray Pereira, percussion. This septet cross-cultural group is a unique collective of jazz musicians. The band has performed in major jazz festival around the world and this will include the Montreal Jazz Festival, Veneto Jazz Festival and Vancouver Jazz Festival. The group has been rated the best among jazz band and won the 2009 Bell Award for Australian Jazz Ensemble of the Year. The exotic sound blends very well with jazz that makes the group unique and astonishing. This innovation of music has gained the group a reputation of the most exciting newer and innovative group in Australian music scene.

Overview of Way Out West Jazz Band

It was very significant milestone of the band when their group played in Footscray where they showcase their skills and unique sounds live in front of many attending individuals. The group made changes in their line-ups which feature Odamura on her Koto and Michailidis skills in his guitar.

Music festivals and player such as Way Out West Jazz band tempt music lovers to dip their toes into unfamiliar setting and that is through jazz genre where it is not very familiar to ordinary people.

My Review on Way Out West Albums

Unless you’re a Martian or a young kid of the new generation, it should not be hard to think that you have encountered Way Out West’s album music before. This UK progressive house breaks and trance group, composed of producers Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff, was a big name in the music sector during the 1990s, with stunning hits such as “The Gift”.

Here’s a breakdown of the duo’s albums:

  • Way Out West (Deconstruction, UK, 1997),
  • Intensify (Distinctive Breaks, UK, 2001),
  • Don’t Look Now (Distinctive Records, UK, 2004),
  • We Love Machine (Hope Recordings, UK, 2009) ,
  • We Love Machine – The Remixes (Hope Recordings, UK, 2010),
  • Train (2)/Way Out West – Hey, Soul Sister/The Gift 2010 Remix (Sony Music, UK, 2010).

Way Out West

Way Out West’s epic debut begins with the great breaks of “Blue,” and it gets even better from there. It’s a touchstone of the progressive house movement with good reason – it manages to incorporate emotive melodies without sinking into either cheesiness or overblown flourishes. You can hear it in the delicate and romantic build of "The Gift," which is probably the peak of their talent.

They are good at electrifying the dance floor through the dub-inflected track “Dancehall Tornado” and introducing harmonies that come with the beat, as manifested by the mysterious “Questions Never Answered” or “Domination.”

My Review on Way Out West Albums


Way Out West’s melodics are still on the groove with this album, as manifested by hits like “The Fall” and “Activity” and with the back-up strings of “Hypnotize” and “UB Devoid.” Kristy Hawshaw has lent her special voice in “Stealth” and gave the track some element of gentleness in it, while the vocals of Trilica Lee Keishall helped her go up with “Mindcircus,” even when it is not as unique.

Don’t Look Now

This is a magnificent album that shows a wide range of talent from Way Out West. It shows the duo’s mastery of mood and melody, from inspiring tracks like “Melt” and “Don’t Forget Me” to the more atmospheric tracks such as “Chasing Rainbows” and “Apollo.”

My Review on Way Out West Albums

We Love Machine

A bit more clubby than the previous albums, it features four to the floor tracks with the quality that is characteristic to Way Out West’s work. The top three things that you can fall in love with include “Future Perfect,” with its strengthening and powerful life soundtrack; “Tales of the Rabid Monk,” and “One Bright Night.” You would surely play these songs again and again and not get bored at all.

We Love Machine – The Remixes

This is just as cool as the previous album, but this new one has crazy remixes that will surely blow your mind away. The dynamic duo featured the same songs and mixed them with other melodies and new sounds to make them more unique while still maintaining their fantastic melody.

Hit Albums And Singles Of The Way Out West Band

Originally, the band’s name was Echo but later on it was changed to Way Out West, the new name was coined from one of their hit remixes. For over sixteen years, the duo Jody Wisternoff and Nicholas John Warren performed and produced together, the first album of the band was released in 1997. With their first album, it spawned the singles like Blue, Ajare, Domination and their all-time hit song, The Gift which made it to the UK’s top 15 hit.

After being together for many years, their song from the first album, The Gift was again released in 2010 by the Deconstruction Records, this time it featured remixes of the Logistics, Gui Boratto and Michael Woods of the Tek-One. Also, at the same year, the band recorded their new remix of the song We Love Machine which was released through Armada Music/Hope Recordings for download purposes only. This release featured remixes of some producers like Henry Saiz, Scuba, D. Ramirez and Jaytech.

Hit Albums And Singles Of The Way Out West Band

Since the beginning of the band’s career, they have a handful of hit albums and singles, they are the following:


  • Way Out West in 1997 – This album made it to the number 42 spot on the UK music chart.
  • Intensify in 2001 – This album made it to the 61st spot in the music charts of the UK.
  • Don’t Look Now in 2004
  • We Love Machine in 2009
  • We Love Machine in 2010 – This album featured various remixes from different producers.


Some of the hit singles they had over the years are the following:

  • Ajare in 1997 that made to the number 52 spot on the UK music chart.
  • Domination that made it to the 38th spot of the UK music chart.
  • The Gift that made it to the 15th spot of the UK music chart.
  • Blue which was number 41 during the 1997 UK music chart.
  • The remix of Ajare in 1997 made it to the 36th spot.
Hit Albums And Singles Of The Way Out West Band

These are the hit albums and singles of the Way Out West band through the years.

Glimpse of Way Out West Festival

People love to participate in every festival held in their community. The preparation is long and exciting. Every family will spend time and effort just to get involved in the activities. There are different Way Out West Festivals that are being held every year. In different places or country, they had this kind of celebration and it depends upon the organizer of what kind of event will be done. The common Way Out West Festival is from the Gothenburg, Sweden where massive of musicians and film showings are to be seen and to showcase their repertoire.

If you plan to have your vacation in Europe, don’t miss this celebration because this is one of a kind festivals held all over the world and you will have a chance to watch your favorite artists perform in the said event. This festival is set in an open field in parkland city and surrounded with beautiful lakes.

This event will be a jump packed for there are lots of bands and artists that will be playing and showcasing their talents and skills as professional artists. When you are in the event area, you will surely don’t forget the experience you have. With lots of different genres of music, you will be hearing and audiences that are very active and energetic, your spirit will be lifted for the enjoyment you will experience.

Glimpse of Way Out West Festival

The event will run from August 7-9 and it involves music and film festivals. This event is free, but you need to book anyway for you to have seats. The event will host the world premiere of Alexandra Dahlstrom’s “All We Have Is Now” and it is about the Vulkano band. Also, Alone Together by Liza Morberg’s story and it is about a group of friends on their road to music fiestas, etc. moreover, the festival will showcase musical offerings of different artist. This will also took advantage to announce new TV series.

Biography Of The Way Out West Band

Titans, this is the term that has been continually fading from the consciousness of the public since the film that features Argonauts and gold fleece. The tremendous rise of the dance music in the UK during the early years of the 1990s witnessed how the word Titans grew in mass circulation. However, this word was flowered like the string of formidable duo and Fibonacci sequence helping the new generations in choosing their personal pulse rate. Leftfield, Massive Attack, Orbital and Underworld, all of these rolled the borders of elecronica’s plain and gave the hype of the 90s. During this time, there came the duo of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren who formed the band they call Way Out West. These two DJs are crackling with invention.

Biography Of The Way Out West Band

The band’s shimmering breaks, the club hit song, The Gift and the rebirth of the song, The First Time I ever Saw Your Face which has an alleged remixes of about four hundred. The albums they launched like the Way Out West released in 1997 and the Intensify in 2001 were replete and have commercial potential. In 2004, the duo was able to cut loose in their Don’t Look Now released in 2004, this song galvanized hordes during the sun kissed Glastonbury.

After four years, Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren were able to unveil the We Love Machine, this is their fourth album in their partnership for sixteen years. The LPs of the Way Out West band come slowly but when they make a hit, their impact is like an alien technology. The marriage of Nick to his well-loved compilations keeps him strive to stay in the factory of innovators while Jody’s share of nu disco showed that he can excellently dish out various hits like a cruiserweight.

Biography Of The Way Out West Band

The band has been around in the music industry for some time or over sixteen years but everytime they come up with new mixes and remixes, they can definitely catch your last breath.

A Short Bibliography on Way Out West Group

There exist two artists that use the name “Way Out West.” One is an Australian World Jazz group, and the other is a very successful British House music and remix.

A Short Bibliography on Way Out West Group

British Way Out West Group

A world-renowned house and remix act, this progressive group was borne out of the bowels of Bristol, United Kingdom, in early 1993. DJ and producer Jody Wisternoff was then introduced to Nick Warren. After spending a few hours inside the studio together, they realized that they share a common musical vision. Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff have also spent a great deal of their careers as successful DJs individually and together as Way Out West.

A Short Bibliography on Way Out West Group

The collaboration of these two dynamic duo with the name sub-version 3 was in a track named “Paradise is the Sound,” which they and a friend have worked on. Two releases were named “Echo,” and the more famous versions were named “Way Out West Mix.” This was originally intended as a remix, but the duo developed a liking to the name and used it for their major act.

James Barton was greatly impressed with independent releases like “Montana” and “Shoot” and hooked them up with Deconstruction – the one label that Jody and Nick wanted to work with. The trancier and harder “Domination” came before “The Gift” got the #15 spot and made Way Out West one of the most popular acts in the UK. “Blue,” which was a melodic trip-hop groove, menaced the club mix in 1997.

Ajare was also then released again, along with an impressive new remix from the Brothers in Rhythm and the boys themselves. Way Out West’s first major album “Way Out West” was also released in 1997 and garnered critical acclaim. Through the album, the band tiptoed with no effort towards the gap between raveland and mainstream. And this is one of Britain’s finest house albums yet. The single “Blue” was shown on TV, with its queer video featuring cult actor Harry Dean Stanton. Jody and Nick set off on a tour and performed on high-powered live shows, which covered all of Europe, including Amsterdam, Glastonbury, and MIDEAM in France.

Right after BGM had removed Way Out West in the roster of December of 2000 because of a disappointing come back from “The Fall” single that was released in the same year, Distinctive Records provided Way Out West a three-album contract.

A Review of Way Out West Albums

For those of you who spent their childhood in the ’90s, you may have already heard of Way Out West. But for those of you who haven’t heard of the band at all, here’s a short introduction of Way Out West and its albums.

A Review of Way Out West Albums

Way Out West is a progressive house, breaks, and trance group in the UK, straight from Bristol, England. They are made up of DJs and producers Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff. They became very popular in the 1990s with hits like “Blue” and “The Gift” and have released four albums ever since. These albums include

  • Way Out West (Deconstruction), 1997;
  • Intensify (Distinctive Breaks), 2001;
  • Don’t Look Now (Distinctive Records), 2004;
  • We Love Machine (Hope Recordings), 2009;
  • We Love Machine – The Remixes (Hope Recordings), 2010;
  • Train (2)/Way Out West – Hey Soul Sister/The Gift 2010 Remix (Sony Music), 2010.

Way Out West (1997)

A number of the tracks are outstanding, and the rest are good. Overall, it is the flow of such album that makes it a well-produced break-beat track. It does not contain just one type of beat, but it also shifts to heavy and downtempo tracks.

Intensify (2001)

The dynamic duo’s second album lives up to its name and goes into a more detailed progressive trance straight off the bat through “The Fall,” a great hit that features the fresh vocals and strings of Coldcut’s “Autumn Leaves.”

Don’t Look Now (2004)

This is an awesome compilation of the duo. There are a lot of great tracks to listen to, from “Killia” to “Fear” to “Apollo.” There aren’t much slow vocals in this, and most of it projects Way Out West’s ambient sound tracking.

We Love Machine (2009)

This album from Way Out West is insane in an extremely positive way. Every beat is a wonderful opener to what the album is made of. Too cool for words to describe, just listen to it and blow your mind away.